Two Imaginary Conversations - By Arseniius


Is this what is happening?

It's quite possible ...

Two Cardinals of the Roman Curia stroll in the Vatican gardens and develop the following conversation:

Cardinal Ursus (Bear): Is Your Eminence aware that Williamson returned to roam the planet and lately he was in Brazil performing nearly a 100 Confirmations and publicly preaching several times in several places of this huge country?

Cardinal Vulpes(Vulture): I know.

Cardinal Ursus: This Williamson guy has to be expelled from the Society of St. Pius X!

Cardinal Vulpes: Williamson can not be expelled!

Cardinal Ursus: Why not?

Cardinal Vulpes: Because otherwise it will start all over again ...

Cardinal Ursus: What?

Cardinal Vulpes: consecrations, ordinations, seminars ... We'll be back to square one. All the works of the old Lefebvre will emerge again.

Cardinal Ursus: If Williamson do so, everybody will consider him rebellious and eventually he'll end up being excommunicated again, and almost no one will follow this silly attempt to remain separated from us.

Cardinal Vulpes: The problem is these people have a darn stupid admiration for Lefebvre, and Williamson proves "black on white" that he follows everything the old Lefebvre said.

Cardinal Ursus: Be careful, Eminence, the expression "darn people" was used by the Pharisees to designate the followers of Christ. If people hear that, they might be scandalized with us.

Cardinal Vulpes: Rest assured, Eminence, when I speak in public I measure my words and present myself as the most sympathetic of men.

Cardinal Ursus: It is true that with his articles on the internet, Williamson is always "convincing" those who are "stuck in the past."

Cardinal Vulpes: This internet ... Unfortunately our older brothers do not yet have full control of the means of communication ...

Cardinal Ursus: But one thing I do not understand: since Benedict XVI became the bishop of Rome he wished to regularize the situation of the traditionalists and especially of the Fraternity of St. Pius X, and now he calls our beloved Müller, Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine and Faith, and everyone knows that he has personal opinions these mummified heads do not accept. Moreover, conditions were placed to perform the regularization, and with all these evidences, the Society of St. Pius X will not accept ...

Vulpes Cardinal: Pope Benedict XVI does not want the incorporation. For now ...

Cardinal Ursus: Explain yourself, Eminence.

Cardinal Vulpes: When a jerk published the exchange of letters of the bishops of the Society of Pius X, many "knuckle heads" became alarmed to see that things were almost ready to be concluded with us, reactions popped up everywhere. If we had continued the process of regularization, we would lose many of them and would have to restart our attempts of unity with the group, but this time they would be firmer on the old suspicions Lefebvre had toward us. For he was not afraid to call us bandits, antichrists and to call our attempts of "Roman snake's maneuvers." Therefore it is necessary to leave Fellay tame these beasts and make everyone to have confidence in him. He does that well. Soon the recalcitrant minority will be absolute and considered by all as rebels and revolutionaries. That being done, we can grant all the old fashion requirements of the Society of St. Pius X to conclude the union, because while these men believe in the principle of contradiction, we know that this is an illusion of scholars: for us there is no contradiction, because everything is subjective and everything evolves. Today we give them everything; tomorrow, as we gradually see what they are able to accept, we will increasingly begin to demand from them to conform with the new disposition of things in the Church.

Cardinal Ursus: But that's Machiavellian ...

Cardinal Vulpes: Machiavelli was a very capable man ...

Cardinal Ursus: Sometimes I think it is not worth so much effort to conquer this little group: their number is so small ...

Cardinal Vulpes: The problem is that "he" instructs us that these few men are a hindrance to his kingdom.

Cardinal Ursus: Eminence!!

Cardinal Vulpes: It was a dream! It was a dream I had ...

Cardinal Ursus: Hum .. But I heard Fellay had said that he was tricked and deceived by us.

Cardinal Vulpes: Words do not have the value of the documents.

Cardinal Ursus: But Your Eminence has hope that one day these "dinosaurs" will conform to our ideal of love of man over all things? For our separated brethren, despite not accepting the Pope as its head, have this essential unity of thought with us, while traditionalists recognize the Pope as head of the Church but are still attached to a theocentric theology, which today's men no longer accept.

Cardinal Vulpes: If they believe in our integrity and honesty, and that we want to do away with the evils of the Church, the path gets more flexible for a gradual but definite"change of mind". And so we will arrive at the unity of all peoples, in one fraternal love, in the freedom to express their religious convictions and in the equal rights before his brothers. What a wonderful prospect ... To appear in the world's theater a strong and understanding man, which could accomplish with a world government to effectively put into practice, through humanitarian laws, this ideal of our hearts ...


Will it happen?

Who knows? ...

Bishop Williamson set up an audience with Bishop Fellay. On the appointed day, the two are facing each other and exchange the following words:

Bishop Williamson: I came here, Excellency, to ask permission to found a new religious congregation.

Bishop Fellay: Your Excellency is bound by vow to the Fraternity and can not break it. Moreover, it is strange that Your Excellency have asked me for permission, after all you are frequently acting despite of my authority ...

Bishop Williamson: When it comes to administrative matters, I don't disregard the authority of Your Excellency. To leave a religious congregation and found a new one it normally requires permission of the Superior. As for the vow, Your Excellency knows that if there are enough serious reasons, one can ask for dismissal.

Bishop Fellay: I've given you express orders on several occasions to stop your articles on the Internet where Your Excellency disrespects me, and You did not obey me. This is outrageous and it is a rebellion.

Bishop Williamson: Excellency, I am a Bishop of the Church, and my episcopal office requires me to denounce the doctrinal errors, even if these are found in the Pope or my Superior General.

Bishop Fellay: Your Excellency has committed a serious lack of discipline, traveling to Brazil and then administering Confirmation without my authorization.

Bishop Williamson: I visited friends of mine and I did not meddle in places served by the Society of St. Pius X.

Bishop Fellay: Why Your Excellency wants to found a new religious congregation? There aren't enough reasons. The SSPX will continue to fight modernism and I have already stated that there is no agreement without the conversion of Rome.

Bishop Williamson: May God really wish that! If this is the case, we will be two congregations fighting in the same sense, despite certain differences. That is already the case between the Dominicans of Fanjeaux and Brignolles. But I want to emphasize that the declaration of Your Excellency is worthless if it is not ratified with clear documents that will impose the force of law.

Bishop Fellay: So, Your Excellency suspect the sincerity of my words?

Bishop Williamson: Some previous attitudes of Your Excellency allows me to have the right to suspect so. And if your Excellency wants to know why I want to found a new congregation, it is to put it into full compliance with the guidance of Archbishop Lefebvre, especially in regards to its regularization before the Roman authorities: I intend to insert in our constitutions that we will continue in apparent illegality until the Pope goes back to believe in everything believed by the Popes before Vatican II.

Bishop Fellay: You do not have my permission to do these changes.

Bishop Williamson: Then I will have to do it regardless, because this regards the glory of God and it is being unjustly denied.

Bishop Fellay: No! You can not! ... Your Excellency can not do that! ... (Tears)

Bishop Williamson: I leave without shedding tears because I've already cried too much on witnessing the sufferings the liberal Popes have inflicted on my Mother, the Holy Church.

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