Letter of Appeal to the unfaithful to Resistance

As time has passed in the terrible crisis within the SSPX along with the insurmountable evidence of compromises, lies, secrecies and blatant betrayal from the highest authorities (Bp. Fellay, Fr. Pfluger, Fr. Schmidberger, Fr. Rostand, etc.), much hope or expectancy has been placed on the old-timer priests--most of them formed by Bp. Williamson--as far as having their help to counter-fight the myriads of new language, approaches and actions taken towards the worst enemy of the Church:  The Modernists! (Pope Saint Pius X) 
Here is "the" very big deception with regard to this hope:  Bishop Tissier! 

In 2012 he was reported as saying that if the deal really goes through, he will retire.  He has done nothing against the liberal attacks of Bp. Fellay, thereby seriously compromising the work of Archbishop Lefebvre which is none other than to preserve intact the Catholic Faith.  He has even stated he wasn't sure if Archbishop Lefebvre did the right thing in consecrating his "not-too-long-ago friend" Bishop Williamson. Later reports from France have also mentioned Bp. Tissier saying that a "regularization" wouldn't be bad after all [2013].  So there you have it:  Bp. Tissier's "engine" has already given signs of having the same problems as his clutch.

Much hope was placed in some really good priests of the SSPX, but many fell short on this hope.  I would like to mention some names, but I'm certain you could also have your own list of good priests who have helped you become a Traditional Catholic but who right now have let themselves be silenced.  We should feel urged to encourage them as we were once encouraged by them to stand for the Truth.

How in the world could one imagine priests of the caliber of Fr. Peter Scott (my biggest deception after Bp. Tissier), Fr. Morgan, Fr. Robinson, Fr. Cooper, Fr. Novak, Fr. Fox, etc. being muzzled by the liberal dictator from Menzingen???

 Mystery of iniquity!

Many are the excuses of these priests... A major one is "obedience" so...

“What should I do? I am told: ‘You must obey. You are disobedient. You do not have the right to continue doing what you are doing, for you divide the Church.’ ” What is a law?  What is a decree?  What obliges one to obey?  “A law,” Leo XIII says, “is the ordering of reason to the common good, but not towards the common evil.  This is so obvious that if a rule is ordered towards an evil, THEN IT IS NO LONGER A LAW.”  Leo XIII said this explicitly in his encyclical “Libertas.” In other words, a law which is not for the common good is not a law and consequently, ONE IS NOT OBLIGED TO OBEY IT. (Archbishop Lefebvre, Conference in Montreal, Canada, May, 1982). 

They are hiding themselves behind a virtuous word (obedience) while viciously acting as cowards.

“A BLIND OBEDIENCE … has little to do with a practice and acceptance of true Catholic Faith… One must understand the meaning of obedience and must distinguish between BLIND OBEDIENCE and the VIRTUE OF OBEDIENCE.  Indiscriminate obedience is actually A SIN AGAINST THE VIRTUE OF OBEDIENCE.”
 (Archbishop Lefebvre, USA, July, 1978). 

Some other priests use the word "prudence" to disguise their cowardly silence which enables them to continue on, comfortably ‘taken care of,’ but...

“We’ve had enough of exhortations to be silent!  Cry out with a hundred thousand tongues and see that the world is rotten because of silence.” St. Catherine of Siena

Many of them admit [internally] that minimizing Vatican II is wrong.  Many of them are against putting the candle under the bushel with regard to condemnations toward Assisi III, for instance.  Many of them know now about GREC and the unjust expulsion of Bp. Williamson.  Many of them know Religious Liberty is NOT very limited (quite the contrary).  Many others know that the agreed upon and signed acceptance of being under the local diocesan bishops is a disgusting betrayal.  Many others came to find out Vatican II "enlightens and deepens certain aspects of the doctrine of the Church," and that the New Code of Canon Law is unrestrictedly accepted as well as the legitimacy of the new mass (according to Bp. Fellay and his Doctrinal Declaration).  So why are they still silent??

“Not to oppose error is to approve it, and not to defend Truth is to suppress it; and indeed, to neglect to confound evil men when we can do it is no less a sin than to encourage them.” Pope Felix III

“He that sees another in error and endeavors not to correct it testifies himself to be in error.” Pope Leo I

“All the evils of the world are due to lukewarm Catholics.” Pope St. Pius V

“All the strength of Satan’s reign is due to the easygoing weakness of Catholics.” Pope St. Pius X

“When they sin, rebuke them in the presence of all that the rest also may have fear.” 1 Timothy 5:20

Many priests of the SSPX do not interiorly condemn the just resistance and efforts of those fighting the good fight in the open field, but is this enough?

He that justifieth the wicked, and he that condemneth the just, both are abominable before God.” Proverbs 17:15

Some others hope and wait for a better formation of resistance and the greater assurance of a bishop...  Is a structure or even a bishop greater than Truth?

"Do not follow the multitude nor rely yourself on what seems to be of a greater number if, by it, you deviate from the truth." St. Athanasius

Now some Faithful wish for these priests to do something and sometimes even criticize them for not doing anything.  But what are they themselves doing about it?  Would the SSPX clergy be so lethargic if the laity were standing by and/or speaking up for the Truth?

"The greatest obstacle in the apostolate of the Church is the timidity or rather the cowardice of the Faithful." Pope St. Pius X

"To recoil before an enemy, or to keep silence when from all sides such clamors are raised against Truth, is the part of a man either devoid of character or who entertains doubt as to the truth of what he professes to believe.  In both cases such mode of behaving is base and is insulting to God, and both are incompatible with the salvation of mankind."

Pope Leo XIII, Sapientiae Christianae

Some yet try to justify their silence in order to avoid any scandal:

"It is better that the Truth be known than that scandal be covered up." St. Augustine

"In hell, the hottest place is reserved for those who have chosen neutrality in times of crisis." Dante Alighieri

What about those afraid of Menzingen's threatening letters and canonical sanctions?

"Human laws cannot be contrary to the Divine Law from which they derive all their force and efficacy, so that a law which prescribes something morally wrong is no law at all and cannot exert any binding force on the conscience.  A parent is bound by natural, Divine, and human law to bring up his children properly."
 (Manual of Moral Theology, Fr. Thomas Slater, Vol. 1, Book 3, ch. 3) 

Is there any doubt that many of these well-formed priests KNOW that “They [neo-SSPX] are blind and leaders of the blind.”  And “IF THE BLIND LEAD THE BLIND, BOTH WILL FALL INTO THE PIT.”

"If the Faith is in imminent peril, prelates ought to be accused by their subjects, even in public." St. Thomas Aquinas

“Every Catholic can and must resist anyone in the Church who lays hands on his Faith, the Faith of the Eternal Church, upheld by his childhood catechism.  The defense of his Faith is the first duty of every Christian, more especially of every priest and bishop.  Wherever an order carries with it the danger of corrupting Faith and morals, “disobedience” becomes a grave duty.” (Archbishop Lefebvre, Letter to Friends & Benefactors, no. 9, 1975). 

Let us heartly take Don Bosco's words when he said:

"I do not fear at all what men can do to me for speaking the truth. I only fear what God would do if I were to lie."

"Have courage in your Faith and convictions.  The evil ones are the ones who should fear the good not the other way around. ~ 
St. John Bosco

"Therefore, In God's name!  Let us go bravely!" ~ St. Joan of Arc, 1429


Passe Livre... para os Comunistas darem o golpe final!

Esse blog, em termos, não é voltado para a atualidade política, mas como o homem é um ser político por natureza (Aristóteles), e como já houve o glorioso tempo aonde  IGREJA e o ESTADO agiam coadunados, ou seja, como o CORPO e a ALMA que se completam, tecerei algumas breves palavras.

Quem ainda não sentiu o cheiro de enxofre e de GOLPE COMUNISTA? E o pior, estão usando o bem intencionado e "upgraded" povão (i.e classe média) para alcançar seus notórios e maquiavélicos objectivos.

Não basta "acordar", gritar chavões e fazer barulho; há que se procurar conhecer a raíz do problema, raíz essa que nem o PSDB, PPR, PSDC poderão solucionar. Essa mazela dos $0.20 seria cômica se não fosse trágica, aliás ela já anda meio esquecida, não acham? Não vou nem citar a demasiada violência e vandalismo testemunhados em tais protestos, pois essa postagem é direcionada aos bem intencionados.

É óbvio e notório que os partidos comunistóides --em especial o PT-- estão por trás de todo esse "despertar" e consequentemente da "reforma política"; é óbvio que a importação dos 6 mil médicos Cubanos é mais uma de suas tácticas para mais facilmente assegurar o sucesso do golpe (pois guerrilheiros virão disfarçados de médicos), mas a questão é: Será que os bem intencionados irão notar? E se notarem, o que irão ou poderão fazer? Tomara que eles percebam que quem realmente "acordou" esse leão, foram os seus próprios domadores: Os Comunistas!

Já existem figuras públicas pedindo perdão por terem lutado contra o *Governo Militar e consequentemente a favor do socialismo; é o caso dos cantores Lobão, Roger do Ultraje a Rigor e Amado Batista, entre outras personalidades públicas. Talvez os cabelos brancos façam realmente bem para muitos. Mas o povão nas ruas, o que fazem, do que se arrependem, o que querem realisticamente falando? Não sabem ao certo e, portanto, engordam a lista dos idiotas práticos. (Desculpem o termo, mas são os próprios comunas que descrevem seus recrutas dessa forma) Não que a solução esteja no governo militar, não é isso que quero dizer, cito tais personalidades apenas para mostrar que, até eles, percebem que o problema é mais profundo, é no sistema, e não num mero presidente ou outro. 

Quem nos dera estivéssemos testemunhando realmente um despertar em relação do porque chegamos aonde chegamos e por quem fomos jogados em tal buraco; porém, esperemos sentados! Ou melhor, esperemos catolicamente ajoelhados...   e de Terço na mão.

Nossa triste época é mestre em falar sobre uma nova sociedade, nova civilizacão, nova ordem, novo sistema; sonham construir algo novo por cima do recente, mas se esquecem que todos eles já nascem velhos. É a cidade do homem! (Santo Agostinho) Aliás, porque não recomendar esse autor super atual --apesar dele ter vivido nos séculos III e IV-- para que entendam um pouco mais essa batalha que vivemos?

Tomara que essa tal crise acenda em muitos o anceio pela verdade, pois a realidade é que não necessitamos procurar essa nova e magnífica sociedade em Atas Comunistas, Cartas Maçônicas ou Protocolo Judeu-Sionista. Portanto, brasileiros e brasileiras, para progredir precisamos regressar! Regressar á perene Cristandade! 

Instaurare Omnia in Christo!

Uma pequena dica para aguçar o anseio daqueles que percebem que TODO esse nosso sistema é corrompido desde seus nascimentos, juntamente com os seus respectivos responsáveis.

*O Governo Militar também não foi o ideal, mas percebendo que o mesmo era menos pior que essa tal DEMOcracia, talvez se chegue a melhor forma de governo existente que tivemos: A Monarquia!


One more priest leaves the SSPX - Father Jean Devaulx de Chambord

*A note from this blog: The priest who has left doesn't seem to have done for the right reasons (i.e the corruption of the SSPX), nevertheless he has grave accusations against the neo-SSPX. Who are they going to blame for all these souls in peril when resistance is out of the picture?

Ave † Maria

Dominican Republic, on the Feast of the Sacred Heart,
7th June, 2013

My dear friends, my dear faithful,

    I have to tell you some sad news. I had some serious problems in the apostolate of my Congregation, the Society of Saint Pius X. I had to leave it, unfortunately. These problems were about our work of priests: several souls were left in danger of eternal damnation. And we are priests to save souls.
    It was a great suffering to take this decision, because I have a lot of gratitude for the Society of Saint Pius X. It gave me my formation of young man and seminarian. I know a lot of priests in it and I have a great admiration for them. So, I would like to say here very clearly that I don’t want to attack the Society. It is doing a good work in the whole world; I received these fruits like many people. It is very faithful to Catholic doctrine, to the Church and to the Pope. It is nurturing a lot of vocations and is trying to fight against the
world, by the formation of an elite. Our Lord Jesus Christ said: Each tree is known by its fruit.

    I don’t have any doubt about my priesthood: I will not leave my vocation, because it was a gift of the infinite love of God. On the contrary, my hope is with His grace, to answer more and more properly serving the souls who don’t know Him.

    So, I would like to give you some words, to be – as a priest – a little echo of the Church:

    We received our life like a gift, from the God of Charity, because He has a love without limits. The whole sense of our life is having and living every day more of true charity. It is not sufficient to have the faith; it is not sufficient to believe in God and to follow the Church. It is not sufficient either to defend our faith: we have to live in charity. Those are the words of St. Paul in Holy Scripture: If I have all faith so as to move
mountains but do not have love, I am nothing 1Cor13,2. Why we must live in the good and refuse sin? Because we want to love God. Because sin is destroying the order created by God, and a trespass against His love for us. If you love me, you will keep my commandments Jn 14,15. But love is much deeper than a list of rules to us in Heaven: it’s opening us to others. Egoism or introversion is just impossible in it. As God is totally giving Himself, by His love, He is teaching us to give ourselves to others; to think about them; to do everything for
them also. This is my commandment: love one another as I have loved Jn 15,12. This is how all will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another 13,35. The Catholic People cannot have the desire for an egoist life. It would be a desire against this grace they received in their baptism; against this love of God who is giving Himself to them in Holy Communion. They must open themselves to others, like a natural instinct.

    So, my dear friends have a great preoccupation, incessant and peaceful at the same time, for the soul of your neighbour. He was created by the infinite love of God. He is called to live with Him in paradise. But how can they do that if they don't know him or if no-one brings him close to them? How could he be saved if he doesn’t know God, and if nobody is trying to teach him? How can they believe in Him of whom they have
not heard? Have the desire to give yourselves to souls, to pray for them, and to offer sacrifices for them also.
Let the love of God come in your heart. He wants to give you the same thirst to save souls He had on the Cross. Love your neighbour and do everything to tear him from Hell. Speak to Him about the only Being who can give him true happiness. Saint John the Evangelist said, following Jesus Christ: For this is the message you have heard from the beginning: we should love one another.

    The love you received from the Sacred Heart has to grow in you every day; in every Mass; in every Communion. It has to be like a fire: this fire who is putting the image of God in us. I have come to set the earth on fire, and how I wish it were already blazing. That's where the spirit of fight comes in. You received the Holy Ghost: you are soldiers of Jesus Christ. Be proud of Him! Be proud of your faith! Be proud to be members of the Church He founded. His doctrine is firstly a teaching and meditation of the Holy Gospel and the whole Bible. Defend that. It is attacked, today: don’t permit it. Search your formation and try to teach others. You are auxiliaries of the priests by your Confirmation: to help them to save souls and to teach all nations. They need you, your initiatives, your ardour, your enthusiasm. God knows that their apostolate is hard and thankless, many times. Ask for your formation; do projects. And when the fruits are late: have
patience. The world is fast and hard; but God likes to take His time.

    You have to understand more every day something very important: the faith and life with God are giving us true liberty. That is the liberty of the children of God expressed by Saint Paul. Our life is not a negative or puritan appreciation of the Creation. It is a true appreciation, which puts everything in good order before God. Really, we can do everything in our life. We can like all the things He gave us: everything except
sin. So, virtue is an authentic balance in our life.

    Search always a deep intimacy with God in a true life of prayer; in the union to His Sacred Heart, especially in Holy Communion. Whoever eats my flesh and drinks my blood remains in me and I in him. It will open yourselves to others and will give you great consolations, peace and a deep happiness.

    My dear friends, many of you suffered and will continue to suffer in difficulties we have in our combat for the Holy Church: to keep the true doctrine we received like an inheritance. Don’t despair. Don’t fall into bitterness. The Society of Saint Pius X is faithful to the truth. Your criterion has to be simple in the Crisis: to stay in peace, quiet, if they don’t change anything you received: the Catholic Mass, the sacraments and the Catechism transmitted by the Holy Church in the past. Even if we or an angel from heaven should preach (to you) a gospel other than the one that we preached to you, let that one be anathema!

    However it has to be clear: obedience and respect to the authority in the Church are not an obligation
to accept something endangering the faith or the salvation of the souls. Because we received the priesthood
to transmit the treasure of the faith; to continue faithfully the work of Our Lord Jesus Christ. We don’t have
authority to innovate. We cannot be an obstacle to the salvation of souls. If some catholic has some evidences
of this situation, he can disobey with peace of his conscience. We must obey God rather than men.

    Remember: in our combat we must do everything with charity, including our differences. We cannot
judge anybody. Judge not and you will not be judged. We must defend the doctrine: we don’t need to attack
individuals. For we are disciples of a God of love and infinitely merciful: that is essential, don’t forget it.
Therefore, whoever thinks he is standing secure should take care not to fall, because God gave it to us. So,
we cannot believe we are better than others. That we received, we received to benefit our neighbour,
everybody we encounter in our life.

    I had to leave my Congregation because I stayed in the sad situation when we have to say “no” in conscience. I hope it will be not the same for you. And it will never be an obstacle for me to recognize all the good done by the Society of Saint Pius X.

    We have not to be scandalized when we find some defects or errors – even if they are serious – between the members of the Holy Church. She is divine and human at the same time. She is teaching the true way to give us the holiness. But this way is hard for everybody: we are all sinners! Learn from me, for I am meek and humble of heart. Imitate the mercifully and the very simple humility of Our Lord Jesus Christ. He has a big force – the same force that all the saints had: He is preaching very clearly, with a lot of simplicity, telling everybody the things he has to listen to. And at the same time He is very merciful and delicate with individuals: he report the sin and he accept to eat with sinners!

    I finish giving you some parts of a Pastoral letter from Bishop Alain de Boismenu, who was a missionary for fifty years in one of the most difficult parts of the world in the last century: in “Papua”. He is explaining to his priests the doctrine of the Catholic Church, following the Popes, about the spirit of
conquest, the thirst for the salvation of souls. This spirit must be ours.

    Before that, I ask you to pray for me: to obtain my fidelity to God, every day more. For Him to renew the features of Jesus Christ, the Holy Priest, in my soul. I hope you can help me with your friendship. On the altar I pray the divine Victim to bless you.

In the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary,

Father Jean Devaulx de Chambord †
Priest for eternity


Pastoral letter of Bishop Alain de Boismenu (1870-1953)
Apostolic Vicar of Papua

On the Propagation of the Faith and the reign of Christ the King

Pius XI (in his Encyclical Rerum Ecclesiae) proclaims the supreme law of the Apostolate: the salvation of the greatest number. (...) Euntes ergo omnes docete. Spread the kingdom of Christ everywhere, bring salvation to all men, that is the only goal of the Church Militant, and therefore the major effort of her soldiers, our work for us, her most distant legionnaires. Anyone who has a mission to represent Jesus Christ
in this world, says the Pope, far from merely keeping his faithful, must make it his main responsibility to gain
Him new subjects. Conquest, therefore, is the primary function of the apostle. By his nature, he is a conqueror. And the goal of his life, the rule of all his efforts, should always be to win more souls for the empire of his Master. It is from us, Christ's priests, according to the moving reminder of the Pope, from whom He expects "the benefit of His Blood"; to us, His legates, to whom He has entrusted the message of
salvation and its progress in the world. (...)

This expansion, wide and fast, needs resources, material resources and especially freedom. Resources: ours are thin (...). World: our numbers are still today what they were twenty years ago (...). Freedom is what we lack the most to move forward (...).

While we wait especially from God the freedom and the means to perform the great evangelization His Vicar wants, let us already make, everyone in his sphere, the effort required. (...) Instruction first, says the Pope, and later "cathedrals and bishops!" I'll tell you what he means: later the grand buildings and good roads, later the great finished works! First the Faith and the salvation of the masses.

In fact, our ministry can not, immediately, win the day. It's obvious. But how will its pace be accelerated and its scope amplified, if it is dominated by the principle of salvation of the greatest number; if everyone, considering conquest as his main duty, organizes his work and his time, all his activity, in order to achieve and save without voluntary delay, the greatest number of souls confided to him.

Here, two methods are possible: settle down, leisurely and firmly in the centre of a district, devoting oneself entirely to create there an intense focus of Christian life and the Youth groups, whence later the Faith will radiate in the district and which will help greatly to its evangelization. Or, with a foot in
the door, take trips to evangelize the outlying tribes, without waiting for the development of future works.
The Pope prefers the second method, so that is the right one. The first preaching, wide and fast, will necessarily be basic. All that is necessary is that it brings salvation, with the necessary truths, to as many souls in distress as possible. That's the most important thing.

Pastoral visits will then periodically strengthen and develop the seed of faith, until, from the centre, Christian homes and schools add to it the influence of elites and the support of permanent catechists. So you say, my dear brethren, (...) I have among my people both Christians and pagans. All calling me. But the pagans more than the Christians, because their spiritual poverty is greater and their need of me the greater: Quomodo credent ei, quem non audierunt? Quomodo autem audient sine praedicante ?

I will organise my activity to facilitate the means of salvation to all, but according to the requirements of their spiritual poverty. That's what the order of Charity requires, and that's what governs the missionary apostolate. And that is why the Pope gives me as the primary duty the conversion of souls
still outside the Church: the conquest. Is this order of Charity always observed by us? Are not our dear Christians eating the infidels' portion of the fathers, leaving them, once again, the crumbs of the feast, to which nonetheless they are the first guests of God?

Figures of our Christian practice are usually very good. They cheer us (...). But isn't the number of our catechumens still modest, too modest for so many pagans, who (...) remain to be converted? Yet it is these unfortunate slaves of the devil who are most in need, they are the ones to whom the Divine Master calls us first, for the glory of His Father and the greatest joy of His Heaven.

(...) I know (...) the pagans of our old Christian communities are indifferent. We must at least make positive efforts to overcome their apathy, leave the house to reach these poor souls. For it is for us to go to them, as the Divine Master said and did. Waiting for them is not enough.

Above all, we need our priestly prayer and the prayer of our faithful to obtain for them the graces of conversion; you must then use the powerful attraction of love in all its forms: hospitality, services, care, even treats and all the exercises of goodness employed by the divine Model. Following His example, public and private appeals; without tiring, patiently take all the steps of a gently obstinate zeal which knows the
price of its efforts, even if they are unsuccessful.

(...) (As for the preparation of catechumens) In principle, keep the maximum duration of trial at one year, but do not be intolerant towards temporary failures, and know how to discern, despite setbacks, the goodwill sufficient to entitle Baptism and the will to leave the devil and go to God (...). For the future, we must give extensive credit to Baptism and its virtues. Easily we underestimate these supernatural forces, yet they are the main element of the formation of a Christian and guarantee perseverance more than anything. Obviously, we may expect failures, but we are too afraid of them, and aiming for what is better, we lose what is good.

It is a hundred times preferable to lead a large number of mediocre baptized faithful through fall to fall into heaven, than to have a small elite, leaving the rest outside. It is always the great law of charity which governs our apostolate to claim the number, and in order to obtain it, makes us apportion our relief to the needs.

This law will still assign to works of the future their rightful place among your pastoral duties. These works are essential to the Christian life (...). As such, they must exist and thrive in the care of the missionary, but they should not do so at the expense of his major work: the evangelization of the people, the pastoral ministry itself. (...) [May the priest] retain the freedom to fulfil his pastoral ministry generously, this duty
which is so much more important than everything else that it would be better to delay the development of specific works in order to fulfil it. (…)

Instead of simply seeking to draw Christian elites from your special Schools, aim to train catechists there. You will then have an elite teaching corps and you will have won everything. (…)

On that day, the last Sunday in October (...) we will celebrate the Feast of Christ the King (...). Preach to them then the sovereign rights of Christ over them, Him, their Saviour and their God, remind them of their filial obedience demanded by these rights and the great rewards they promise; tell them how many of their race still do not know about His kingdom and its blessings and pray with them on that day for the rapid
conversion of their heathen brethren. (…)

Oportet regnare illum.

Given at St-Pierre-de-Tsiria
June 11, 1926, feast of the Sacred Heart

Pius XII wrote to Bishop Alain de Boismenu:

“We are certainly very aware of in what eminent manner, (...) you have contributed to the growth of the Faith and the advancement of civilization in the most remote regions of the Church. (...) You've tirelessly spent forty-five years in the Government of Missions, first as coadjutor and then as Vicar Apostolic of remote Papua. And these dignities and special responsibilities every day stimulated your heart and diligent
care to promote the salvation of souls. The Catholic faithful, increased in number and virtue, the first native priests, the new native diocesan congregation of Handmaids of Our Lord, the successful development of Catholic schools and, in particular, new Missionary substations wisely and appropriately located with regard to the main stations demonstrate your pastoral expertise. And your pastoral concern is all the more clear when one remembers the vast expanse of the country compounded by the great difficulties of communication".

Fr. Jean de Chambord followed by his former Prior Fr. Vernoy. (Sanford, FL)