Conference with Bishop Williamson regarding the Preamble

Nova Friburgo, Brazil.

A little taste of it: 

[Preamble] "its authors are traitors, objectively traitors; and this is very grave because this declaration is the official position of the SSPX at that moment and it represents the mentality of the head [cupola] of the Society now. (...)"

"the mentality of this group GREC from Paris and the mentality of the head of the Society of St. Pio X are the same..."

"such mentality doesn't understand anything about Archbishop Lefebvre and his combats"

"God won't accept 3/4 of Catholicism and 1/4 of the World, God won't accept the combination proposed by GREC and the head of the SSPX."

"We notice that quite of good priests [within the SSPX] are not as good as they used to be."

"The head of the SSPX adopts the hermeneutic of continuity of Benedict XVI".

"The fortress of the faith adopts the idea of the enemy... What's going to happen with a fortress where its general and captains think as the enemy? They'll stop defending the fortress. It's obvious... and it is what's happening with the head of the Society. It's a disaster."

"This declaration [preamble] is a complete treason.

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