Fr. Chazal update from India

Through intimidation techniques applied to the faithful who have been sentenced to no longer have the Father Valan Rajkumar was forced to take control of all missions that revolve around the city of Chennai, capital of Tamil Nadu .

Among the Mass centers of Saidapet (50 people), Bangalore (to our surprise 50 people in the north of the city), Margao (50 people also came to Good Shepherd Mass) and the city of RN Kandighai (300 people), Father Valan deals with a total of 450 faithful to which must be added those who are scattered in this big country. As an example, Roland Fernandez awaits us in Delhi, and some families attached to the position of Archbishop Lefebvre are present in the Persian Gulf. You also have to add the rest of Tamil Nadu, where he now helps Fr. Pancras, an old friend of Bishop Williamson. He will go to Chennai every month to deal with all nightly First Fridays of the month, a true spiritual marathon. Father Ignatius Xavier also received us with open arms. He asked us to help him build a church for his 100 followers of Tuticorin and is very impatient with official SSPX, because nothing has been done in 30 years of their presence for this group which is one of the largest in India. Father Selvaraj accepted to undertake our group in Coimbatore, west of Tamil Nadu.

We have been well received in Mumbai and Vasai where most faithful understands very well what is happening today in the Tradition. The fact that we could not visit them for 11 months since the last crisis in May, did not stop them to be informed and prepared to receive us. The reception at Palayamkottai left much to be desired, although this was not surprising.

If we add the missions in the Far East, over 1000 faithful, seven priests and four potential seminarians have escaped the liberal domain.

We conclude that in less than a year, the beginning of resistance in Asia is promising. The timing is perfect, with the organization of external visits, financial support, publications (we project printing 2000 missals), and the establishment of a hierarchy ad hoc, yet informal for the moment. The excessive and liberal behavior of certain local priests, the expulsion of Bishop Williamson and the unfortunate statement of April 15, 2012 (no withdrawal in their substance) have allowed many eyes to be opened.

In Jesu et Maria

Francois Chazal +

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