List of priests who left the SSPX (and counting)

+ Bishop Richard Williamson   

Religious Orders:

- Benedictines (Mexico and Colombia) Fr. Raphael
    *Only project and property for the moment

- Monastery Marienberg (Hausern, Germany)

(*) Haven't officially left yet but are in disagreement with the NEW direction, they have said something publicly and may either leave, be kicked out or just continue to be muzzled and persecuted; this last being the worst, of course.


Fr. Joseph Pfeiffer SSPX

Fr. Tomas de Aquino O.S.B.

Fr. Jahir Britto FBMV

Fr. Jean-Michel Faure SSPX

Fr. Ronald Ringrose

Fr. Juan Carlos Ortiz SSPX

Fr. Hugo Ruiz Vallejo SSPX

Fr. Ernesto Cardozo SSPX

Fr. Joaquim Sant'Ana FBMV

Fr. Richard Voigt SSPX

Fr. David Hewko SSPX

Fr. François Chazal SSPX 

Fr. Nicholas Grunner

Fr. Richard Voigt

Fr. Valan Rajakumar SSPX 

Fr. Pancras Raja SSPX

Fr. Patrick Girouard SSPX

Fr. René Trincado SSPX 

Fr. Gavin Bitzer 

Fr. John O'Connor

Fr. Craig Bufe SSPX

Fr. Olivier Rioult SSPX

Fr. Hermann Weinzierl

Fr. Tanouarn SSPX 

Fr. Edgardo Suelo SSPX

Fr. Mathieu Salenave SSPX

Fr. Paul Kramer 

*Fr. Michel Koller SSPX

Fr. Bernhard Zaby SSPX

Fr. Brendan Dardis SSPX

Fr. Arturo Vargas SSPX

Fr. Dominic Mary of the Pillar O.P

Fr. Juan Antonio Iglesias (*Convert from N.O)

*Fr. Damien Fox SSPX

Fr. Matthew Clifton 

Fr. Curzio Nitoglia SSPX

Fr. Arnold Trauner SSPX 

Fr. John Nariai

Fr. Frank Sauer SSPX

Fr. Ceriani SSPX

Fr. Méramo SSPX

Fr. Ramiro Ribas

(40+) French priests who are still "fighting from within"

Notorious lay people:

Br. Jean Pierre le Roy (Knighs of Our Lady)

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