An entire neo-SSPX Chapel joins the Resistence

Ciudad Del Leste - Paraguay

Fr. Foure and an ex-seminarian from [i]La Reja [/i] (who will soon be joining the Seminary in Kentucky) have helped a whole Chapel to realize the neo-SSPX of Bp. Fellay is no longer the SSPX of Archbishop Lefebvre.

The parishioners have written to Fr. Bouchacourt, District Superior of South America, and told him he won't need to worry about sending any more priests to them because they will no longer be welcomed.

Fr. Bochacourt has been desperately trying to have a meeting with Fr. Fouré because he knows he is going after the Chapel in Asuncion as well, the only other place the neo-SSPX has Mass in Paraguay. Let's pray the faithful of Asuncion will be just as brave as the ones from Ciudad Del Leste.

It seems that Fr. Foure is shaking the grounds of Paraguay.

Deo Gratias!

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