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Friday September 12, 2014, 
on the Feast of the Holy Name of Mary 

Dear sisters, 
     Dear parents, 
         dear children, 
             dear friends, 

No doubt you have heard the rumor that two sisters of the Congregation of the Holy Name of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary (Brignoles) have been expelled, allegedly relieved of her vows, perjured qualified by their superiors. 

What it says the rumor is the deep reason for this painful outcome. Advised to subscribe, at least outwardly, the slow but sure process of joining the official Roma undermining his congregation, or leave their place, the sisters chose to retire to continue the work of his Institute: education and training Christian youth in times of apostasy. 

Our choice was driven by the desire to be faithful to the spirit of our Congregation, the spirit of faith without compromise, as it bequeathed us the Father Calmel. In this regard, we are indebted to our superiors and our sisters, who gave us the sap dominica, the love of the Church and the children. However, certain facts or strange and increasingly frequent statements have caused our perplexity and indignation: discreet silence on Roman deviations; insistence on emphasizing what seems conservative in Rome (as the "consecration" of the Pope to Our Lady of Fatima, as orthodox sermon in Santa Martha, such Rosary parish, etc.); "; pro rallies of all kinds (" Yes, of course, at first Archbishop Lefebvre condemned, but now we have to take into account the reality, we must recognize that they have maintained the road, you have to work with them "attitude it is a blunder to say publicly that the masses should be absolutely avoided Motu Proprio ", etc); reversal of values​​: "You understand, the fight of faith is fine, but what about the salvation of souls?" or "To preserve" peace "among us, let's discuss doctrinal issues" ... And this unconditional support to Bishop Fellay, facilitated by the powerful law of silence imposed on our homes is added. We need the help and the lights of families and friends to watch courageous clear in this drift. 

We have lived increasingly upstream among mothers and sisters with whom we could not understand. What we were told at first that it was a simple difference of opinion, we won be expelled with our families in order to reflect and make amends. But is denying amended. 
At present, we are determined to turn the page, leaving care merciful God poll hearts. 

What will we do? Just continue our religious life. 

We are nothing, we have nothing, we can very little, but God seems to entrust children. We do not deny us this work to the extent reasonable, "writing in the heart and the forehead of the child, the name of Jesus" as our Founder, Vincens M. (1800) said. The heavy responsibility we have in the back, requires much thought, time and care. For now you are installed in Saint-Remy-en-Mauges to have a few months of solitude in a religious framework. It forced to give to the word of the Holy Name of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary, in the fervor of a new tax beginning we put under the patronage of the Holy Name of Mary. 

Arranged today to hear your requests concerning the schooling of your children, and your financial or collaboration offers hope to assess where and how soon will propose, God willing, the beginning of school. We thank all of those who have supported us generously. Without your material and especially spiritual help, we could not stand up here and we could see anything. 
We trust our future and yours to the Virgin Mary, Santo Domingo, St. Catherine of Siena and all our holy protectors, since even our Father Calmel hidden intercessors. 

Sr. Marie-Laetitia, t.o.p. and 
Sister. Marie de Jésus, t.o.p., 
Dominican teachers of the Holy Name of Mary.


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