Rev. Father Altamira: The Situation of the Resistance

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Dear faithful, I am writing this letter so we can be aware of "¿What is the situation of the so-called resistance?".

Before the state of affairs in which we find ourselves (the empire of confusion, the damage upon parishioners, all priests fighting each other): The one responsible for all this is Bishop Williamson. I speak objectively; culpability will be judged by God.

We are the laughing stock of the world.

Even Bishop Fellay and his group "die of laughter because of us." Nothing better could have happened to him, because when we are so ridiculous and phonies (for the problems we have), no priest of the Society of St. Pius X (those who are thinking of breaking with Bp. Fellay) will want to come join us .

Faced with what has been caused by Bishop Williamson, we have: In the case of Bishop Faure, the future Bishop Dom Thomas, Father Trincado with  his site Non Possumus, and other priests, to defend the "interest of the group" (interest of the political party), by compliance, or whatever, Bishop Williamson is defended and justified at all costs for the things he said and the things he has done. If Bp. Fellay had said or done these same things, those mentioned above would be "eating him alive." But it was Bishop Williamson! who said it, "ah, then let's not say anything, and defend him publicly."

We are not honest with ourselves nor with our faithful.

In July from last year, 2015, I received information from Europe regarding Mons. Williamson.

It was said, among other things, Bishop Williamson was telling the priests of the SSPX not to leave the Society. "No, Father. It is impossible Bishop Williamson has been saying that." Is that really impossible? We answer: I can not express myself on these [specific] cases because I don't know these priests. But I do know some other case[s]: "The case of Father Altamira, Father Trincado and Bishop Faure".

In October 2012,  Bishop Williamson was expelled from the Society of Saint Pius X. At that time, Bishop Williamson wrote me [and said] "in one week they'll expelled me from the Society of St. Pius X". I replied with a copy to Father Trincado and a copy to Father Faure: Bishop Williamson, when they expel you, I will publicly manifest; send your orders and we'll do something here. Father Trincado answered from Argentina: Me too. Monsignor Faure said: Me too. And who stopped us from doing it? The answer is: He who stopped us was Bishop Williamson.. Therefore, a year later, I took the step. I still had hopes on Bishop Williamson. Silly me!

In September last year (2015), I wrote a joint letter to Monsignor Faure, Father Pierre Marie (the Superior of the Dominicans in France) and Father Bruno (in charge of the priests of France), saying that if the things reported about Bishop Williamson were true, we had to do something! This letter is here attached (*).

In this letter I told the three of them:

"If it is true that these problems exist or that these things happened, we have to do something(!): Neo-Nazis; Father Bruewieler (Hannover, Germany); Father Jacqmin; Fr. Weber and Fr. González; Fathers Weinzierl, Trauner and Zaby; the situation of P. XX; Father Ramón Anglés (?); what happened regarding the modern Mass in Canada (and USA); the situation of the faithful in England (London); etc.".

In another more recent letter, I wrote to the priests of the so-called Resistance, and told them: "If only half of all these things [the reports] were correct and true, the problem [with Bishop Williamson] is more serious than we think. "

All this information is known by Bishop Faure and he has them. The future Bishop Dom Thomas (Brazil). Father Trincado (with his site Non Possumus) has them, and almost all priests of the so-called Resistance. Therefore it is inadmissible to continue defending Bishop Williamson publicly. We will explain a little more ahead.

All this shows how bad we are in the Resistance. We are not serious. We are the laughingstock before everybody.

Here we must answer an objection and reject a possible temptation: it is true the Resistance is very bad, but it is also true that the solution is not Bishop Fellay and his path to Modernism, and his way to the Conciliar Church..

Given all these facts, it would be wrong (and I think it would be a sin) to remain silent. But one might say ad hominem: "Since you [Bishop Faure, Dom Thomas, Father Trincado] do not want to say [condemn] the errors of Bishop Williamson, at least keep quiet and do not defend him publicly; it would've been less unworthy. "

Let me explain more.

Regarding Bishop Williamson we have:

His many tricky and veiled manifestations in favor of the false Conciliar Church and the Religion of Vatican II. His statements about keep going to false Rome. His statements about making an agreement (a legal status, a canonical regularization, "is something very desirable"). His slyly manifestations in favor of the validity of the rite of modernist bishops, in favor of modernist bishops (when in fact there are serious doubts about the validity). His outrageous statements saying that he needs to be named the authority of the Resistance by Francisco (Eleison Comments 420). Its manifestations saying he needs permission from Francisco to found a religious congregation. His manifestations for the modern mass (go to her, the miracles of the modern Mass, the fruits of modern mass: the sanctuary of Poland ... towards the false religion of the II Vatican Council and to make ecumenism within the shrine - as has been published-). His apparitionism, the visionary of Bishop Williamson, her messages. Maria Valtorta (condemned by the Holy Office), the [visionary] lady from United States, the apparitions of Akita, etc. His praise of Putin (complete lack of common sense!: Putin, with Obama, are the two best managers or employees of the devil here on earth, to bring the World Government). In short: The list is endless.

The above mentioned,  completely disqualifies Bishop Williamson, and his public defense cannot be admitted, to the contrary.

This is all too severe, and these attitudes are too scandalous and incoherent as to keep quiet and not say anything.

"But we must defend the interests of group!, the interest of the party must prevail. And take note that the priests who oppose it [and we are almost half already], will be left alone, will be put aside, will be isolated, marginalized; they won't have a Bishop; their seminarians won't be ordained. "

What is the tragedy we are living in this fight?

All this effort we make is so difficult to accomplish. It is an effort which costs us priests and faithful a lot (I'm not referring to economics, but the effort involved in this fight).

So, we are doing all this for nothing!, we'll fall for the same things as Bishop Fellay, Bishop Williamson leads us to the same. Attention: We are actually worse off than Bishop Fellay..

Yet with all the defense of the modern Mass and the "miracles" of Bishop Williamson, let's make an  argument ad absurdum, an argument ad ridiculum:

Suppose Bishop Williamson had said in that conference in USA (also from Canada?), and also in the three or four Eleison Comments, that "there can be no miracles in the modern mass". Father Trincado with his Non possums blog, Bishop Faure with his writings and sermons or the future Bishop Dom Thomas, would they be writing articles to justify the miracles of the modern mass? Would they be writing to defend the validity of the modern mass? Would they be writing to justify Bishop Williamson statements regarding going to the modern Mass? Would we be having all this fight against the priests who were opposing?

No; we can not remain silent; we must do something. May the Good God help us out of this swamp, where we were placed by who should have been light, but have only been and sown darkness.

I give you my priestly blessing. In Mary Most Holy.

Father F. Altamira (March 13th, 2016)



Bishop Faure,
Father Pierre-Marie,
Father Bruno (coordinator France).

Dear bishop, dear fathers:

I am writing regarding the information which has to do with Bishop Williamson, information I received just over a month ago, before I sent you my other letter.

I'd like to make it clear from the get go that I write with no bad spirit but with a "constructive" spirit. I do it because I think we have a problem on our hands, and if we do not give it a solution, this tiny thing we are (which some call it the Resistance) will eventually disappear and die.

If it is true that these problems exist or that these things happened, we need to do something(!): The Neo-Nazis; (!) Father Bruewieler (Hannover, Germany); Father Jacqmin; Fr. Weber and Fr. González; the priests Weinzierl, Trauner and Zaby; the situation of Fr. XX; Father Ramón Anglés (?); what happened regarding the modern Mass in Canada (and USA); the situation of the faithful in England (London); etc.

I once heard a priest saying something like this: Many superiors in the SSPX do nothing and let things keep going, and then end up worse for not having [done anything] ... I think we should not risk falling into the same [mistake], and this is to help Monsignor [Williamson] himself.

I said in another letter: The problems are already so many that the only "constructive" attitude is not to deny or excuse them, but address them. Perhaps they are the last opportunities Providence gives us to do it. We run the risk of not being honest with ourselves and our faithful.

Our fellow companions from the SSPX (priests, brothers) do not join us, "do not take the step", because they see the problems we have and then they don't think it is reasonable or sensible to join us. I do not know if you can say that maybe this is also happening with the Benedictines of Bellaigue or the Capuchins of Morgon; -there in France- you'll know more about them.

I have the impression, with all these things, Msgr. Fellay is "dying of laughter" because of us.

Dear brothers, please, let us solve these problems.

Cordially I send my greetings. In Mary Most Holy.

Father F. Altamira (Sunday September 6, 2015, Solemnity of St. Pius X)

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