Miracle in the New Mass?

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Novena of St Francis Xavier, from the book of Father Juan
Croisset, 1862, pg 74; regarding a reflection taken from the Acts of the Apostles, Chapter 5:

"Outside the true religion there can be no miracles. You should consider these as a private language of God, as signs that God alone can avail himself to teach us those truths he wants to instruct us, a language understood by all those who sincerely seek the truth.
What man of reason would doubt those miracles that had as witness the greatest enemies of them who wrought them, the fruit of which was the conversion of the world? One can be sure that only the Church of Jesus Christ is the one that never has been without miracle and that it is useless to seek them outside of her. "

Source: Novena of St. Francis Xavier, p 74

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